Ternary raster operations

This section lists the ternary raster-operation codes used by the putimage functions.

Ternary raster-operation codes define how to combine the bits in a source bitmap with the bits in the destination bitmap. The combine is a Boolean operation of the following three operands.

Operand Meaning
D Destination image
P Current fill color
S Source image

Boolean operators used in these operations follow.

Operator Meaning
a Bitwise AND
n Bitwise NOT (inverse)
o Bitwise OR
x Bitwise exclusive OR (XOR)

All Boolean operations are presented in reverse Polish notation. For example, the following operation replaces the values of the pixels in the destination image with a combination of the pixel values of the source and current fill color: PSo. (there are alternative spellings of the same function, so although a particular spelling may not be in the list, an equivalent form would be)

Each raster-operation code is a 32-bit integer whose high-order word is a Boolean operation index and whose low-order word is the operation code. The 16-bit operation index is a zero-extended, 8-bit value that represents the result of the Boolean operation on current fill color, source, and destination values. For example, the operation indexes for the PSo and DPSoo operations are shown in the following list.

0 0 0 0 0
0 0 1 0 1
0 1 0 1 1
0 1 1 1 1
1 0 0 1 1
1 0 1 1 1
1 1 0 1 1
1 1 1 1 1
Operation index: - - 00FCh 00FEh

In this case, PSo has the operation index 00FC (read from the bottom up); DPSoo has the operation index 00FE. These values define the location of the corresponding raster-operation codes. The PSo operation is in line 252 (00FCh) of the table; DPSoo is in line 254 (00FEh).

Raster-Operation Codes

Boolean function (hexadecimal) Raster operation (hexadecimal) Boolean function in reverse Polish Common name
00 00000042 0 BLACKNESS
01 00010289 DPSoon
02 00020C89 DPSona
03 000300AA PSon
04 00040C88 SDPona
05 000500A9 DPon
06 00060865 PDSxnon
07 000702C5 PDSaon
08 00080F08 SDPnaa
09 00090245 PDSxon
0A 000A0329 DPna
0B 000B0B2A PSDnaon
0C 000C0324 SPna
0D 000D0B25 PDSnaon
0E 000E08A5 PDSonon
0F 000F0001 Pn
10 00100C85 PDSona
11 001100A6 DSon NOTSRCERASE
12 00120868 SDPxnon
13 001302C8 SDPaon
14 00140869 DPSxnon
15 001502C9 DPSaon
16 00165CCA PSDPSanaxx
17 00171D54 SSPxDSxaxn
18 00180D59 SPxPDxa
19 00191CC8 SDPSanaxn
1A 001A06C5 PDSPaox
1B 001B0768 SDPSxaxn
1C 001C06CA PSDPaox
1D 001D0766 DSPDxaxn
1E 001E01A5 PDSox
1F 001F0385 PDSoan
20 00200F09 DPSnaa
21 00210248 SDPxon
22 00220326 DSna
23 00230B24 SPDnaon
24 00240D55 SPxDSxa
25 00251CC5 PDSPanaxn
26 002606C8 SDPSaox
27 00271868 SDPSxnox
28 00280369 DPSxa
29 002916CA PSDPSaoxxn
2A 002A0CC9 DPSana
2B 002B1D58 SSPxPDxaxn
2C 002C0784 SPDSoax
2D 002D060A PSDnox
2E 002E064A PSDPxox
2F 002F0E2A PSDnoan
30 0030032A PSna
31 00310B28 SDPnaon
32 00320688 SDPSoox
33 00330008 Sn NOTSRCCOPY
34 003406C4 SPDSaox
35 00351864 SPDSxnox
36 003601A8 SDPox
37 00370388 SDPoan
38 0038078A PSDPoax
39 00390604 SPDnox
3A 003A0644 SPDSxox
3B 003B0E24 SPDnoan
3C 003C004A PSx
3D 003D18A4 SPDSonox
3E 003E1B24 SPDSnaox
3F 003F00EA PSan
40 00400F0A PSDnaa
41 00410249 DPSxon
42 00420D5D SDxPDxa
43 00431CC4 SPDSanaxn
44 00440328 SDna SRCERASE
45 00450B29 DPSnaon
46 004606C6 DSPDaox
47 0047076A PSDPxaxn
48 00480368 SDPxa
49 004916C5 PDSPDaoxxn
4A 004A0789 DPSDoax
4B 004B0605 PDSnox
4C 004C0CC8 SDPana
4D 004D1954 SSPxDSxoxn
4E 004E0645 PDSPxox
4F 004F0E25 PDSnoan
50 00500325 PDna
51 00510B26 DSPnaon
52 005206C9 DPSDaox
53 00530764 SPDSxaxn
54 005408A9 DPSonon
55 00550009 Dn DSTINVERT
56 005601A9 DPSox
57 00570389 DPSoan
58 00580785 PDSPoax
59 00590609 DPSnox
5B 005B18A9 DPSDonox
5C 005C0649 DPSDxox
5D 005D0E29 DPSnoan
5E 005E1B29 DPSDnaox
5F 005F00E9 DPan
60 00600365 PDSxa
61 006116C6 DSPDSaoxxn
62 00620786 DSPDoax
63 00630608 SDPnox
64 00640788 SDPSoax
65 00650606 DSPnox
66 00660046 DSx SRCINVERT
67 006718A8 SDPSonox
68 006858A6 DSPDSonoxxn
69 00690145 PDSxxn
6A 006A01E9 DPSax
6B 006B178A PSDPSoaxxn
6C 006C01E8 SDPax
6D 006D1785 PDSPDoaxxn
6E 006E1E28 SDPSnoax
6F 006F0C65 PDSxnan
70 00700CC5 PDSana
71 00711D5C SSDxPDxaxn
72 00720648 SDPSxox
73 00730E28 SDPnoan
74 00740646 DSPDxox
75 00750E26 DSPnoan
76 00761B28 SDPSnaox
77 007700E6 DSan
78 007801E5 PDSax
79 00791786 DSPDSoaxxn
7A 007A1E29 DPSDnoax
7B 007B0C68 SDPxnan
7C 007C1E24 SPDSnoax
7D 007D0C69 DPSxnan
7E 007E0955 SPxDSxo
7F 007F03C9 DPSaan
80 008003E9 DPSaa
81 00810975 SPxDSxon
82 00820C49 DPSxna
83 00831E04 SPDSnoaxn
84 00840C48 SDPxna
85 00851E05 PDSPnoaxn
86 008617A6 DSPDSoaxx
87 008701C5 PDSaxn
88 008800C6 DSa SRCAND
89 00891B08 SDPSnaoxn
8A 008A0E06 DSPnoa
8B 008B0666 DSPDxoxn
8C 008C0E08 SDPnoa
8D 008D0668 SDPSxoxn
8E 008E1D7C SSDxPDxax
8F 008F0CE5 PDSanan
90 00900C45 PDSxna
91 00911E08 SDPSnoaxn
92 009217A9 DPSDPoaxx
93 009301C4 SPDaxn
94 009417AA PSDPSoaxx
95 009501C9 DPSaxn
96 00960169 DPSxx
97 0097588A PSDPSonoxx
98 00981888 SDPSonoxn
99 00990066 DSxn
9A 009A0709 DPSnax
9B 009B07A8 SDPSoaxn
9C 009C0704 SPDnax
9D 009D07A6 DSPDoaxn
9E 009E16E6 DSPDSaoxx
9F 009F0345 PDSxan
A0 00A000C9 DPa
A1 00A11B05 PDSPnaoxn
A2 00A20E09 DPSnoa
A3 00A30669 DPSDxoxn
A4 00A41885 PDSPonoxn
A5 00A50065 PDxn
A6 00A60706 DSPnax
A7 00A707A5 PDSPoaxn
A8 00A803A9 DPSoa
A9 00A90189 DPSoxn
AA 00AA0029 D
AB 00AB0889 DPSono
AC 00AC0744 SPDSxax
AD 00AD06E9 DPSDaoxn
AE 00AE0B06 DSPnao
AF 00AF0229 DPno
B0 00B00E05 PDSnoa
B1 00B10665 PDSPxoxn
B2 00B21974 SSPxDSxox
B3 00B30CE8 SDPanan
B4 00B4070A PSDnax
B5 00B507A9 DPSDoaxn
B6 00B616E9 DPSDPaoxx
B7 00B70348 SDPxan
B8 00B8074A PSDPxax
B9 00B906E6 DSPDaoxn
BA 00BA0B09 DPSnao
BC 00BC1CE4 SPDSanax
BD 00BD0D7D SDxPDxan
BE 00BE0269 DPSxo
BF 00BF08C9 DPSano
C1 00C11B04 SPDSnaoxn
C2 00C21884 SPDSonoxn
C3 00C3006A PSxn
C4 00C40E04 SPDnoa
C5 00C50664 SPDSxoxn
C6 00C60708 SDPnax
C7 00C707AA PSDPoaxn
C8 00C803A8 SDPoa
C9 00C90184 SPDoxn
CA 00CA0749 DPSDxax
CB 00CB06E4 SPDSaoxn
CD 00CD0888 SDPono
CE 00CE0B08 SDPnao
CF 00CF0224 SPno
D0 00D00E0A PSDnoa
D1 00D1066A PSDPxoxn
D2 00D20705 PDSnax
D3 00D307A4 SPDSoaxn
D4 00D41D78 SSPxPDxax
D5 00D50CE9 DPSanan
D6 00D616EA PSDPSaoxx
D7 00D70349 DPSxan
D8 00D80745 PDSPxax
D9 00D906E8 SDPSaoxn
DA 00DA1CE9 DPSDanax
DB 00DB0D75 SPxDSxan
DC 00DC0B04 SPDnao
DD 00DD0228 SDno
DE 00DE0268 SDPxo
DF 00DF08C8 SDPano
E0 00E003A5 PDSoa
E1 00E10185 PDSoxn
E2 00E20746 DSPDxax
E3 00E306EA PSDPaoxn
E4 00E40748 SDPSxax
E5 00E506E5 PDSPaoxn
E6 00E61CE8 SDPSanax
E7 00E70D79 SPxPDxan
E8 00E81D74 SSPxDSxax
E9 00E95CE6 DSPDSanaxxn
EA 00EA02E9 DPSao
EB 00EB0849 DPSxno
EC 00EC02E8 SDPao
ED 00ED0848 SDPxno
EF 00EF0A08 SDPnoo
F0 00F00021 P PATCOPY
F1 00F10885 PDSono
F2 00F20B05 PDSnao
F3 00F3022A PSno
F4 00F40B0A PSDnao
F5 00F50225 PDno
F6 00F60265 PDSxo
F7 00F708C5 PDSano
F8 00F802E5 PDSao
F9 00F90845 PDSxno
FA 00FA0089 DPo
FC 00FC008A PSo
FD 00FD0A0A PSDnoo
FE 00FE02A9 DPSoo
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