Preserved functions in graphics.h

On the basis of easyx.h, graphics.h temporarily retains several bsolete functions to improve compatibility with older code.

The additional functions in graphics.h are as follows.

Function or data type Description
bar Draw a filled rectangle without a border.
bar3d Draw a filled 3D rectangle with a border.
drawpoly Draw a polygon without filling.
fillpoly Draw a filled polygon with a border.
getcolor Gets the current foreground color.
getmaxx Gets the maximum x-coordinate in the physical coordinates of the graphics window.
getmaxy Gets the maximum y-coordinate in the physical coordinates of the graphics window.
getx Gets the current x coordinates.
gety Gets the current y coordinates.
linerel Draw a straight line.
lineto Draw a straight line.
moverel Move the current point.
moveto Move the current point.
outtext Output a string at current location.
setcolor Sets the current foreground color.
setwritemode Sets the binary grating operating mode for the foreground.