Color and style settings related functions

The relevant functions are as follows.

Function or data type Description
FILLSTYLE Fill style object.
getbkcolor Get current device background color.
getbkmode Get the background mode when the hatch and text are output.
getfillcolor Get the current fill color.
getfillstyle Get current fill style.
getlinecolor Get current device line color.
getlinestyle Get current device line style.
getpolyfillmode Get current polygon fill mode.
getrop2 Get current foreground mix mode.
LINESTYLE Draw line style objects.
setbkcolor Set current device drawing background color.
setbkmode Set current device background mode when the hatch and text output.
setfillcolor Set current fill color.
setfillstyle Set current fill style.
setlinecolor Set current line color.
setlinestyle Set current line style.
setpolyfillmode Set current polygon fill mode.
setrop2 Set current foreground mix mode.
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