Basic introduction

EasyX is a graphics library for C++ that helps C/C++ beginners get started with graphics and game programming quickly.

For example, you can quickly draw a house with geometry based on the EasyX Graphics Library, or a moving car; furthermore, you can write small games like tetris, greedy snake, reversi and others; In addition, you can practice various algorithms in graphics, and so on.

Many people learn programming from the C language, but the current situation is:

  1. Some schools use Turbo C as an environment to learn C language, but Turbo C is really too old, it is not convenient to copy and paste.
  2. Some schools use VC as the environment to learn C language because the editing and debugging environment of the VC is excellent, and the VC has a free version for teaching. Unfortunately, in the VC can only do some literal exercises. If you want to draw a straight line or a circle are very difficult, such as the need to register window classes, build message loops and so on. These will hit the beginners hard. Beginner programming to drawing can only use TC, it is helpless.
  3. Computer graphics, this course focuses on graphing algorithms, not Windows programming. As a result, many teachers have to teach with TC because Windows drawing is too complex to deviate from the focus of teaching. Many of the new graphics books are based on OpenGL, but the threshold is still high.

Therefore, we want to give you a better learning platform, which includes the VC convenient development platform and TC simple drawing functions, so we had this EasyX library. If you're just learning C, or you're a C teacher or a graphics teacher, this library will definitely get you excited.


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