Drawing related functions

The relevant functions are as follows.

Function or data type Description
arc Draw an arc.
circle Draw a circle without filling.
clearcircle Clear a circular region.
clearellipse Clear an elliptical region.
clearpie Clear a sector region.
clearpolygon Clear a polygon region.
clearrectangle Clear a rectangular region.
clearroundrect Clear a rounded rectangular region.
ellipse Draw an ellipse without filling.
fillcircle Draw a filled circle with a border.
fillellipse Draw a filled ellipse with a border.
fillpie Draw a filled sector with a border.
fillpolygon Draw a filled polygon with a border.
fillrectangle Draw a filled rectangle with a border.
fillroundrect Draw a filled rounded rectangle with a border.
floodfill Fill the area.
getheight Gets the height of the plot area.
getpixel Gets the color of the point.
getwidth Gets the width of the plot area.
line Draw a straight line.
pie Draw a sector without filling.
polybezier Draw three square Bezier curves.
polyline Draw multiple consecutive lines.
polygon Draw a polygon without filling.
putpixel Draw the dot.
rectangle Draw a rectangle without filling.
roundrect Draw a rounded rectangle without filling.
solidcircle Draw a filled circle without a border.
solidellipse Draw a filled ellipse without a border.
solidpie Draw a filled sector without a border.
solidpolygon Draw a filled polygon without a border.
solidrectangle Draw a filled rectangle without a border.
solidroundrect Draw a filled rounded rectangle without a border.
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